Barko Hydraulics To Hold Loader Contest In Escanaba

Escanba, Mich – A Wisconsin based manufacturer of forestry equipment will be holding a contest in Escanaba this Thursday through Saturday.

Barko Hydraulics will be holding the Barko Loading Contest at the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association Logging and Heavy Equipment Expo.

Steve Talaga, the Director of Marketing for Barko Hydraulics says the contest will test the operating skills of attendees.

“Our dealer CrossTrac Equipment out of Rhinelander have a booth and we go to support them and the attendees of the show. The loader contest is a fun way for them to show off their skills, see who has the top times and win some prizes,” said Steve Talaga, Director of Marketing for Barko Hydraulics. “It’s a good way to raise money for a charity, Log A Load For Kids. They do a lot with the Children’s Miracle Network.”

Several machines will be on display for attendees to get up close and personal with and learn more about their benefits.

“For our loader contest, we are going to have our 595B Merchandising Loader. So, what that machine primarily does is sit on a landing in the woods and it merchandises timber. So, what that means is it takes the limbs off, they use a ground saw to cut it to the length they want it and then they load it onto trucks that go to mills,” Talaga said. “We’ll also have 260B Harvester and that machine performs similar tasks but that machine will go up to a tree, cut it at the stump, lay it down, take its limbs off and cut it to the preset length. It is all computerized. And then from there, another machine called the Forwarder will pick the log piles in the woods and bring them to a landing to put them on a truck.”

If you can’t attend and would like to donate to Log A Load For Kids, visit the link down below.

Donate Today – Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (