Marquette, Mich – The City of Marquette paid tribute to a former community leader today.

A mile marker honoring George Shiras III was unveiled at Shiras Park.

Organizers said Shiras was an instrumental part of Marquette history.

“George Shiras gave $100,000 to promote the park. It is such a beautiful place, with the water. His father would bring him here to Marquette when he could look at the natural wild-eye fleet, white tail deer and so forth.,” said Tom Truscott, member of the Michigan State Historical Society. ” I just love to travel the state and to dedicate the hard work that the people of the community put in to make sure their history is known.”

Shiras donated the land for the park to the City of Marquette.

He was also a nature photographer and member of the House of Representatives from the State of Pennsylvania.