Marquette County Deputy Awarded The Lifesaving Award

MARQUETTE, Mich – On March 7th, Deputy Megan Vance saved the life of a Marquette County resident and was awarded with a lifesaving award from Sheriff Greg Zyburt.

“Back in March of this year, she was called to an unresponsive subject in the Palmer area and she arrived at the scene. The subject was in the bathtub and she started trying to wake him up and when she got there, she noticed he had no pulse and was not breathing. She was able to pull him out of the bathtub and she applied the AED but the device told her not to shock and she checked a little more and found that the subject was under the influence of narcotic drugs. So she administered Narcan,” Sheriff Greg Zyburt said. “The first dose got the subject breathing but he was still out of it. She then administered a second dose and this brought him back basically to life. He did not have a heart beat and he was dead. She was able to bring him back with Narcan.”

Sheriff Zyburt added that multiple law enforcement agencies award their officers with this award and that the amount given out each year, can vary.