Photo courtesy: Keweenaw Wild Ones

Keweenaw Wild Ones wants to help you find the perfect native plant for your yard.

This weekend is the native plant sale, and you can purchase in-store, or on their website.

Pollinator plants are popular this year.

Also, milkweed can not only benefit your yard, but the surrounding area.

“Native plants, once they are established, if you’ve planted them in the right place, require virtually no care at all. But for the first few weeks of their life, they’re just like any other garden variety plant. They need to be tended,” says President Marcia Goodrich

As Goodrich said, native plants are less maintenance than other flora you may have in your garden.

Make sure to visit the Keweenaw Wild Ones’ website or their location this weekend to share support for the area and get some new native plants.