Bike Stolen From Nonprofit In Marquette County

MARQUETTE, Mich – Bikes are a big deal in the Upper Peninsula.

So it seems like an even bigger deal when one gets stolen.

A member of Start The Cycle in Marquette had their 2018 white Salsa Timberjack bicycle stolen from a bike rack.

And he is not alone.

“Recently, we have had some stolen bikes in the Marquette County area. We’ve had start the cycle bikes stolen right here in Ishpeming,” said Laura MacDonald, the Executive Director of Start The Cycle. “If you are not aware we are in a national bike shortage and in an international bike-part shortage. It’s almost impossible to buy a bike right now.”

MacDonald believes that a nationwide bicycle shortage means more people are trying to get their hands on bikes.

She said that may explain the rising amount of thefts.

Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt shared a few ways to keep your bicycle safe.

“Number one is lock your bike, every time. Second is register your bike. So if someone finds it, they can return it. The other thing is, an identifiable mark. A lot of bikes look identically alike. If you describe it is stolen, it helps us a lot to not look for a generic bike,” said Sheriff Greg Zyburt. “You should check with your local municipalities. A lot of police departments have where you register your bike and you get a sticker and put it on there.”

He estimates that around 100 bikes are stolen from Northern Michigan University each year.

If you have any information on the missing bike from start the cycle, please call the number on your screen.

For a link on registering your bike, visit the link below.

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