ISHPEMING, Mich – A local senior center opened today.

The Ishpeming Multi–Purpose Senior Center opened to the public this morning.

The building has undergone construction and renovations since October of 2019 when it was condemned.

The senior center will stand as a symbol of bringing community back to Ishpeming after facing the Covid–19 pandemic.

“The center services Seniors over 60 years old. It gives them an opportunity to come together. Some of those senior might be shut-ins or not have any activities, or might not have friends or family in the area. So it gives them a place for them to come and do things as a group with liked individuals,” said Craig Cugini, Ishpeming City Manager. It gives them an opportunity they might not have had to come together and be a part of a community, rather than be at home alone and aging.”

Limited services were offered during the pandemic.

But now with the senior center opening, a full range of services will be available to senior citizens.

“Our seniors in the community have been waiting for this facility to open and have this space that is all their own to make new memories, to make new services. So they are excited. Covid hit everyone in different ways and it’s hard anywhere with seniors. They are a more at-risk population and so they were cautious with what type of activities were available,” Cugini said. “There were more telehealth type of services. They had to reduce what was available but now we have to open back up and do great things and have a full senior center available.”

The Ishpeming Multi–Purpose Senior Center launched its own Facebook page and will be launching a website in the near future.

The Facebook link is down below.

(1) Ishpeming Multi-Purpose Senior Center | Facebook