A two-week Christian event tour is coming to the upper Peninsula.

Ten9 Ministries will begin the tour at the city square in Downtown Ironwood on August 19th.

The tour will stop at seven other cities using large, open–air concert venues.

“We start with a live concert. We have a band that comes and we’ll do songs. Old songs that hopefully everyone knows and wants to sing along with, ” said Lyndsay Hudgens, Worship Leader for Ten9 Ministries. “Then we will have our speaker, Wes Morris, come up and he will give a message of hope.”

“We have a local church at each location, sometimes multiple. I know in Escanaba we have about four local churches that are partnering with us,” said Angela Bigard, Church Advancement Coordinator For Ten9 Ministries. “I think that is really awesome because as we come and as we leave, anyone who does give their life to Christ or is looking to be discipled or wants to be plugged into a local church, these local churches can come alongside them and take them into their church.”

The goal of the tour is to engage communities.

After going through the Covid–19 pandemic, Ten9 Ministries knows there is light on the other side.

“It is really about engaging our communities and engaging the community around the idea of who Jesus Christ is. We live in a time of the world right now where people are hurting and they need something,” said Neil Thompson, Director of Operations for Ten9 Ministries. “Over the last year, we have seen many deaths, many people with sickness and as we come out of that season, people are looking for the answer and we believe that the answer exists in the bible with the word of God. So it’s important for us to go around these towns and to offer that to people. And to offer that with some fun as well but most importantly to give them the hope that Jesus Christ offers with the Gospel.”

For more information about the event or Ten9, contact Pastor Wes Morris by email at info@romans109@gmail.com.