Keweenaw Bay Firefighters Earn New Certifications And Search For New Recruits

BARAGA, Mich – Two members of the Keweenaw Bay Fire Department have completed three different certifications.

The training will equip the first responders for any danger that can come ahead.

KBFD firefighters Jake Putala and Garrick Lamb completed certifications in the Firefighter I, Firefighter II and Hazmat courses.

“The certifications are a great way for us to protect the people of Baraga Township. We not only receive certifications in firefighting but also in vehicle extrication and hazardous material operations. As a first responder, you never know what kind of situation you will come across in the field. So my philosophy is the more training, the better so you’re more equipped to respond to calls and service,” said Jake Putala, firefighter for the Keweenaw Bay Fire Department. “The certifications for firefighting are very helpful because you learn different suppression tactics, you learn how to operate equipment, you learn how to respond safely to the scene and keep your brothers and sisters safe who are also responding to the call.”

The certifications helped the pair learn valuable skills, Putala said.

The fire department is also looking for new recruits to join the team and to help the community learn more about being a fire fighter.

“It can be tough to recruit new firefighters, especially in a rural area. Part of it has to do with the aging population of the Upper Peninsula. Another part that has to do with it is not knowing what the job entails or what it means to serve on the fire department. Those are two things we are trying to combat by recruiting,” Putala said. “So typically, when you join they pay for your training and any costs associated with that so you can get certified as a certified firefighter.”

The department is looking for Baraga Township residents who are 18 years or older for recruitment.

You can contact the department at 906–353–7766 or by sending them a message on Facebook. The link to the page is below.

(1) Keweenaw Bay Fire Department | Facebook