Memorial Day Celebration Coming To Presque Isle Park

MARQUETTE, Mich – When it comes to Memorial Day celebrations, two Upper Peninsula residents have taken matters into their own hands.

Dave Aro and T. Hamari are celebrating Memorial Day at the Presque Isle Park Pavilion by encouraging people to get out and enjoy some grilling.

“There are a couple of reasons why we are doing the event. One thing is for the community. We wanted to do something to get them out as we exit Covid. To get people outside and enjoy a good Memorial Day and a lunch to get people out to the park seemed like a good idea. We just thought it up and did it,” said Dave Aro, Co-Organizer. “We are only doing drive through, with social distancing, all the regular food sanitization. We are approved by the health department so it will be run like you would run any other event.”

To grab some grub, you will have to place your orders online so it can be ready for pick up when you arrive.

“The way we want people to get involved is to go to our Facebook page which is called “Memorial Day  Take-Out Lunch At Presque Isle.” Order lunch, you come and pick it up, you drive by, we will come and deliver it right to your car,” said T. Hamari, Co-Organizer. “We hope you then drive around the island, hang out and enjoy family and friends.”

The event will take place on Memorial Day from 11 AM to 1 PM.

The link to place lunch orders is linked below.

Orders must be placed by this Saturday.

Memorial Day Community Take Out Picnic (