Donald Trump Jr. Hosts Rally in Calumet

CALUMET, Mich. – President Trump’s campaign team held a rally in Houghton County Airport.

The “Make America Great Again” featured Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, as he rallied Trump supporters in the hanger.

Trump Jr. spoke on various topics including China, Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the media and his father.

Some of his comments included:

“The truth doesn’t matter, you saw social media, you saw what they did… we won’t let you share the article on Facebook.”

“China shut down travel to Beijing and and Shanghai but not to the rest of the world, why can’t Joe say that”

“We haven’t even covered the 3.5 million to Hunter from a Putin association.”

“We only have one goal in mind, 4 more years.”

You can view the raw footage at the top of this article to view Donald Trump Jr’s full speech and his comments.