Negaunee holds commencement with safety measures

NEGAUNEE — The Negaunee High School Class of 2020 got a proper sendoff, with a graduation ceremony that was held on Saturday.

While many high schools around the country have done graduation parades for their seniors, Negaunee had their graduates line up at their football field for a commencement ceremony that was more like the ones we’re used to seeing.

According to the school’s superintendent, this ceremony was important for parents and students to receive closure on an unusual year.

“I’m super happy that we were able to do this, especially on this weekend so all of our graduates can participate, and to be able to be together one last time is awesome,” said superintendent Dan Skewis. “We have our parents up in the stands, I think they’re very appreciative that they have some closure now to the end of the school year, and more importantly the students do. All of our graduates are here today, we have a few of them that are leaving for boot camp next week, so it was important that we included all of our graduates, and that worked out for us.”

Although the commencement was closer to traditional graduation ceremonies pre-COVID, it wasn’t without safety measures; both spectators and students maintained a distance from others throughout the ceremony.

Negaunee had 92 seniors graduate, which is a few less than previous years.