Citizens in the UP protest following the death of George Floyd

MARQUETTE — The voices of the public gathered in downtown Marquette on May 31st to show unity, like many around the country.

After the death of George Floyd sparked protest all over the United States, citizens of the Upper Peninsula came together to show support peacefully.

“The protest here is allowing me to be present,” said Faith Anne, a protester in the march. “It’s allowing me to create a space for my black peers, my black friends, the black strangers of this community.”

Tears were being shed, the crowd chanted messages, citizens told personal stories, and people of all ages expressed their feelings

“Why should we have to suffer? Because we didn’t do anything, we did nothing to deserve this,” said Mya Tone, a protester at the march.

“You guys treat us like we’re nothing, like we’re animals. Yet, we’re just like you. We’re human beings with hearts. ”

While the protest was peaceful, there was one incident between a man driving by and protesters, but minutes later he drove off and the protest continued. Other citizens expressed that this gathering needed to happen to spread awareness.

“This needed to happen because that was not right what they did,” said Yecel Piedra, a protester at the march. “Like, it was absolutely brutal. You cannot do that to someone and judge them for the color of their skin.”

Faith Anne said that this was a very emotional event and that she will continue to support her black friends and peers as much as she can.