MARQUETTE — One of Marquette’s most popular recreation destinations is partially opening to the public.

The city of Marquette announced the opening of Presque Isle’s road, Peter White Drive, to the general public. As spring rolls in, this move allows the public get out of quarantine and visit the beloved park.

“We’re trying to make an effort to balance access to the island with the governor’s executive orders for congregating together,” said Marquette City Manager Mike Angeli. “We realize that the island itself is a valuable and popular place for people to at least travel, so we made the effort to reopen the top loop, which is the back loop that goes around the back of the island to vehicle traffic only.”

Parking on Presque Isle remains prohibited, as it could lead to groups congregating in the popular destination. Members of the public can visit the island, as long as they stay inside their respective vehicles.

Right now, there is no tentative plan for when Presque Isle will be opened to foot traffic, as that decision depends on how the COVID–19 crisis plays out.