Tadych’s Econofoods pushing through the coronavirus shutdown

MARQUETTE — With the stability of the meat supply in the United States in question, local grocery stores could potentially see changes in the near future.

EconoFoods in Marquette is working every day to ensure that customers still have multiple options to choose from, in terms of meat.

While other stores have possibly felt the effects of the coronavirus shutdown, EconoFoods’ experience has been different.

“There is no shortage of animals, where the shortage is, is with the processing plant,” said Zach Quinnell, Store Manager at Tadych’s Econofoods. “A lot of the plants have partially shut down or shut down all together. We’re (EconoFoods) not seeing any widespread shortages with fresh meat whether its pork, beef, poultry. We’ve been able to hang in there pretty good as far as that goes. We haven’t been struck by it quite yet but it’s coming.”

EconoFoods will continue to do their best to make sure all customers have the items they need to get through this pandemic.