Lakeshore Boulevard Relocation Project to begin on schedule

MARQUETTE — While many road construction projects are being put on hold due to the COVID–19 pandemic, one major Marquette project is set to begin as planned.

Marquette’s ambitious Lakeshore Boulevard Relocation Project is set to begin Wednesday, in a time where most construction projects are being put on hold. According to Marquette City Manager Mike Angeli, they’re continuing with the project for a few good reasons.

“Under the governor’s current order, there are exceptions for construction,” said Angeli. “We can move ahead with construction projects as long as we can justify them as essential or necessary. In this particular case, a lot of the funding for the Lakeshore Boulevard project is grant funded, and grants are time-sensitive. So we have a certain number of months or years to spend that money.”

Other reasons for the project to continue include the length of the construction season; while some areas are allowed more time for road projects, the UP usually has around 4 months to get work done.

Additionally, the old Lakeshore Boulevard is gone, which makes travelling through the area longer and more difficult.

The project is being partially funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, who are giving $2.5 million to help fight the effects of erosion.