Bay Cliff Health Camp cancels summer camp, motorcycle raffle

BIG BAY — Cancellations and postponements of events are becoming increasingly common as we battle the coronavirus pandemic, and one camp in the UP is no exception.

Bay Cliff Health Camp has announced the cancellations of two of their flagship events, a motorcycle raffle fundraiser and their summer camp session.

While this does present some obstacles for the nonprofit camp, it doesn’t mean they won’t be offering something for their would–be campers.

“We’re not alone in this, but it presents some real challenges when you’re a nonprofit that relies solely on contributions and revenue from direct services,” said Clare Lutgen, Executive Director of the camp. “We’re looking at ways that we can continue to engage with that community, and we have a lot of supporters, and we’re hoping that they’re going to continue to do so, and I hope that they’re going to be excited about this new opportunity that we’re looking at providing for our kids this summer.”

The camp is currently working on ways to offer a fun experience for its would–be campers, which include virtual content and activities being sent through the mail.

The motorcycle raffle is officially being postponed until very late this year, although it will most likely be canceled until next year.

This would have been the 87th consecutive year the summer camp took place, as well as the 34th year of the motorcycle raffle fundraiser.

Bay Cliff Health Camp is still accepting donations, which can be made on their website here.