“Marquette Moment” brings community together while maintaining social distancing protocol

MARQUETTE — If you’re feeling a bit lonely due to social distancing and other COVID–19 prevention practices, you’re not alone.

This week, the Marquette City Commission introduced an initiative to help everyone feel a little less isolated. The first “Marquette Moment” took place on March 31. Every day at 6:30 p.m., residents are encouraged to step outside their homes, wave to their neighbors, and check on each other.

Mayor Jenna Smith says the Marquette Moment is a great opportunity to connect with neighbors and friends—even from across the lawn.

“It’s helpful to be able to check in on people, say hi, and ask how things are going, especially some of the elderly or more vulnerable neighbors,” said Mayor Smith. “In my neighborhood last night we had 18 people out kind of at the end of their driveway, and there were a couple kids riding their bikes up and down the street maintaining social distancing. It was a really great way to get connected with some people when you’re feeling kind of isolated.”

The hashtag “MarquetteMoment” is being used on social media as an additional way community members can come together and share with one another. Anyone can post a picture or story of what they’re doing each evening to reach out during this period of isolation.

“I would just encourage residents, if they want, to use #MarquetteMoment so that we can all see folks getting out there and connecting with their neighbors,” said Mayor Smith. “Anything we can do to come together and show each other that we’re here for one another is going to help us get through this difficult time period.”

Mayor Smith would like to remind residents to stay at least 6 feet apart when participating in the Marquette Moment initiative.