MSP temporarily suspending use of Datamaster DMT

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Michigan State Police is aggressively investigating potential fraud committed by contract employees of the company known as Intoximeters, the vendor of Datamaster.

The Michigan State Police took all 203 Datamaster DMT evidential breath alcohol testing instruments out of service until inspections can verify each instrument to ensure it is properly calibrated. Review of vendor records in the last few days have yielded additional discrepancies that may point to the potential for a more widespread issue. This was due to how some instruments were being serviced.

While the discrepancies do not directly impact or deal with the results of evidential breath tests, it is concerning that it appears as though some certification records have been falsified. As a result, the MSP have opened a criminal investigation that is looking into possible forgery of public documents.

“Michigan State Police employees found irregularities that didn’t seem right,” said CAPT. John E. Halpin, Eighth District Commander, MSP. “So we further investigated into it. At this point as precaution we are taking all 203 Datamasters instruments out of service until they can be calibrated and tested by Michigan State Police personnel from Lansing.”

The MSP will conduct a thorough and complete investigation and if they find criminal acts occurred, they will pursue criminal charges against those responsible. The MSP will also pursue any remediation available to the department, including possible legal action, in order to recoup costs bore by the state.

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