Two vehicle traffic crash involving tanker truck leaves one dead

SAGOLA TOWNSHIP — Troopers from the Iron Mountain Post responded to a two vehicle traffic crash involving a passenger vehicle and a tanker truck at approximately 9:23 am.

The crash occurred on the corner of M-95 and M-69 west, in Sagola Township of Dickinson County. The passenger vehicle was occupied by a 62-year-old male from Wisconsin. He failed to yield for a tanker truck heading north on M-95. The tanker truck collided with the vehicle and pushed it approximately 550 feet north of the intersection and into the ditch.

The driver of the tanker truck was a 36-year-old male out of Wisconsin. The driver of the tanker truck sustained no injuries. The driver of the passenger vehicle was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The investigation into the accident continues.

Dickinson County Road Commission, Red Cross, STAR Ambulance, Sagola Fire & Rescue and Breitung Township Fire Rescue, Mastodon Township Fire Rescue and LR Vincent Towing, assisted on Scene