Special meeting held by Ishpeming City Council relating to the City Manager position

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming City Council held a special meeting today that involved more talk about the Interim City Manager position.

The council decided it would be in their best interest to give the Interim City Manager position from James Lampman to the chief of police, Steven Snowaert. This change happened due to the fact of Lampman needing to focus on his other position within the city council.

Lampman is continuing his duties as the Finance Director and Snowaert will take over the Interim City Manager position while continuing working alongside the police as well. The council is hopeful they will see a new city manager within the next couple of months.

“Well this is being run through the Michigan Municipal League,” said Karl Lehmann. “They have several applicants that are very qualified and that’s all I know at this point. The closing of the applications I think is on October 4th. Typically people send applications in towards the end of the application period. It is all in their hands at this point.”

Detective Chad Radabaugh will be taking over for Snowaert as Chief of Police until a hiring is made for the new City manager position.