MACKINAC — The Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office has announced new security measures at the Mackinac County Courthouse. These security measures have been recommended by the State Court Administrators Office as well as area law enforcement, fore and security officials.

Beginning June 20th, a single entry point has been established for entry into the Mackinac County Courthouse. This is being done to prevent any weapons from entering the court areas.

In order to enter the courthouse, all persons must use the entrance on the west side. This is the closest to the Sheriff’s Office and jail. Deputies are positioned there to use a metal detector and other screening tools to ensure the safety of anyone in the courthouse. The handicapped entrance will also be included in screen and used for those who need assistance.

New screening measures is just one step of a larger project of court security upgrades. Later upgrades will include new alarming systems, fire and smoke detection; these will begin in the next few weeks.

The Mackinac Board of Commissioners and other elected officials have been working on these enhancements for over a year. Funding for the project was supported through the delinquent tax fund from the Treasurer’s office. The construction will last several months and will greatly enhance the safety of the facility when completed.