24th annual Celebration of Student Scholarship’s event held at NMU

MARQUETTE — The McNair Scholars, NMU Office of Graduate Education and Research and Office of Academic Affairs hosted its 24th annual  Celebration of Student Scholarship’s event.

The event put student work on display for the campus and community to enjoy and learn about the scientific endeavors of  Northern’s students.

Not only is this important for the school to further students experience within their degree’s but it also prepares them for the future.

“Undergraduate Research is a really important part of what Northern does,” said Heather Pickett, Director of the McNair Scholars Program. “Northern is kind of an exception for undergraduate institutions. In that we allow undergraduate to be apart of research at a much greater extent. Our students graduate with  a bachelors degree and go on to working in labs at larger institutions and teaching graduate students their lab techniques. This is because they were able to learn them as undergrads. So it is a really big advantage.”

This annual tribute to and recognition of student work began with an opening ceremony at 9 a.m.  in John X. Jamrich Hall, and continued throughout the day with presentations and posters displays.

These presentations and displays help get students comfortable with talking about their studies and help them gain more insight within public speaking.

“They are kind of changed by the opportunity to share their work and learn how to communicate about science and scholarship,” explained Pickett. “We are helping students to become better at communicating about what they do and maybe helping educate the public about science, as well as, academics.”

Multiple students were also awarded as well for their work through the different studies that they conducted.