Marquette City Commission approves design for public pier

MARQUETTE — On Monday evening the Marquette City Commission voted on the preliminary design of the Founders Landing Pile. According to the DEQ, the city is require to do something with the pilings by either reusing them or getting rid of them.

In 2018, the City Commission decided to move forward with GEI Consultants of Marquette to create a design for the reuse of the piles. Tonight the motion for the project passed 7–0. The preliminary design is a pier that will be located on Lake Superior, south of the Lower Harbor Ore Dock and east of the Founders Landing development.

This is a city project and the commission would like city input during work sessions for other ideas that could be incorporated into the pier. This project will be brought to the commission for final approval in mid–April.

Along with this project, it is likely that the Presque Isle Marina project will be brought for approval around the same time. The project could start as early as summer 2019.

ABC10 will continue to follow these projects as they progress.