MARQUETTE — Community members got together this evening to discuss some questions and issues regarding what the money from Hockeyville USA will go to.

The original money that was given to Lakeview Arena from Hockeyville USA was $150,000 and so far, $60,000 of that has been spent.

Some of the concerns tonight included fixing bathrooms, the concession area, and new chairs and tables.

“We’re in the middle of finalizing our five–year parks and recreation master plan. That’s the project that we use, so any project that we seek grant funding needs to be in that document. That allows us to apply for some of the grants” said Community Services Director for Marquette, Jon Swenson. “All the Lakeview projects that we’ve identified are in that plan. So, that allows us to move forward and maybe use the Hockeyville dollars as some of the matching dollars for a project like that.”

City Manager, Mike Angeli, also said that he felt halting the spending of money was the responsible thing to do because the of $3.5 million from the JCI initiative.

The costly updates from JCI included the lighting, HVAC compressors and more.