NEGAUNEE — The first of multiple meeting began on Wednesday afternoon about a proposed project at Teal Lake.



These meetings are a result of the city of Negaunee and Ishpeming being approached by the Ishpeming Rotary Club about a possible beach at Teal Lake.

They hope to come together and see if they will move forward by spring of 2019.

“It could be as early as a year out, it could be two years or more, it just depends on where everything falls. It also includes what funding will be involved in this and where each city lies with the ability to pay for a portion of this project –and if either one wants to even pay for this project” said Negaunee City Manager, Nate Heffron. “There’s a lot of moving parts that haven’t been decided, so hopefully this spring we’ll have a lot clearer picture.”

Some of the proposed features would include installing some type of beach area, a dock for kayaks and canoes, dog access, and making all of those ADA complaint as well.

Nothing is set in stone, they are just gathering information about what the community would like out there.

If you are interested in attending the meetings, click here.