ISHPEMING — Small businesses are big in the Upper Peninsula, which means they utilize social and digital media to network and build their business.



Small businesses and entrepreneurship have taken rise, but not everyone knows what to do to be successful. One of those keys is social and digital media marketing.

“So we’re here to really support our small businesses and help them learn about these different options that are available to them and then really work with them one-on-one to get the right program set up for them” said Portable Assistance Business Consultant, Nicole Young-Potvin.

Marketing on digital and social media is a great place for people to get their name out in the community while also saving a chunk of money for advertising. The program is here to help those people learn which platforms are a good fit for the business

“When you’re a small business owner, you are overwhelmed and you have no time, and we are very much aware of that” said Young-Potvin. “So to be trying to keep up on all the different aspects of what’s out there for digital marketing, it’s difficult. We put that information together for them and serve it up.”

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