MARQUETTE — A local brewing organization will soon have a building to call home.

The Marquette Brewing Co-op began the process of opening a new location. On Saturday, volunteers joined to help paint their new building, located on S. Lake Street in Marquette. It was the first of many steps being taken, and co-op president David Gill is thankful for the help they received over the weekend.

“Some things that I thought wouldn’t get done by volunteers because they looked like jobs that were too difficult or too nasty, people just said, ‘no, I’ll do it,’ and got it done,” said Co-op President David Gill. “It’s unimaginable how much value we added just by volunteer work, getting this place painted, there’s no way to put a price on it.”

Gill is hoping to have the taproom open by December, but the next step will be designing a layout for the new space. They will have a 12-tap four barrel system.

They are always looking for members and investors. For more information on the Marquette Brewing Co–op, click here.