NEGAUNEE — The Michigan State Police in Negaunee held a Recruiting Seminar today in hopes to inspire people to start a career in law enforcement.

During the event recruiters talked to the attendees about the benefits and opportunities of becoming a state trooper. With the Michigan State Police not being at full staff and the possibility of a large retirement coming they are in search for new recruits.

Although the selection process and training is rigorous the men and women who succeed believe it’s a great service to the people and themselves.

“If you are going to pursue a career in law enforcement it is a lifestyle and it’s a true life commitment,” said Post-Commander at MSP Negaunee Post, 1st Lieutenant Clint Michelin. “It is a service of others and it is a selfless way to live your life and an honorable way to live your life. But the core function of law enforcement no matter what agency you are in is to defend and serve others who physically or legally cannot defend themselves.”

The hiring process is approximately six months long with several meetings that are required.

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