MARQUETTE — The people of Marquette and surrounding areas held a small rally in Marquette this past Saturday to protest the separation of illegal immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border.



The immigration controversy is nothing new and these policies as well as others of removing children from families have been going on for almost a decade if not longer.

The public has been viewing these policies to be “inhumane” and “illegal” as well as a crime against human rights. The people of Marquette are raising their voices as well to show that they want these families to not be separated anymore and to have better immigration policies em-placed.

Not only has this been very controversial on both sides of the aisle, it has also been costly to the United States tax payer and is straining certain programs financially.

“It is vital to get the word out that the policies are just wrong,” said protester in Marquette, Heidi Gould. “First of all because, well besides the fact that it is inhumane, cruel and abusive and removing these kids from their families, it’s putting a great stress on the already strained foster care system in America.”

The federal government explains that the “Flores v. Reno” or the “Flores settlement” has been the reason for the separation of families.  The continuing search and process of a bi-partisan agreement to repair the immigration policies and keep families together are still being worked out.