MARQUETTE — Back in 2009, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources developed a black bear management plan to keep the species healthy. Now, they are looking to update the plan.



As part of that plan, the DNR is asking for the public’s help; they want to know what thoughts are as they pertain to black bears. The DNR wants to maintain what they call a sustainable bear population, all while creating more hunting opportunities.

“This is part of a much larger process, but it’s good to get the opinions of our stakeholders, our hunters and our common residents that may not take part in hunting, it’s important to hear from them, too,” said Wildlife Management Specialist Kevin Swanson. “So that’s what we’re really hoping to get at here.”

The DNR encourages the public to take the questionnaire through the month of July to share opinions on future bear management. They plan to have the updated plan set no later than in early 2019.

To take the questionnaire, click here.