Driving in to the past with the Superior Model A Club

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The State of Michigan is known from around the world as the home of Henry Ford’s assembly line and production of cars.

The Model A, a vehicle developed in 1927 after the model T, seems to still be very popular with all ages especially in the Upper Peninsula. Marquette County is home to a group known as the Superior A club. This club comes together during large events and or small social events to show off their historical rides.

The members are always up for a discussion or a chance to talk about the cars that are over 90 years old. Even the president of the Superior A club likes to just show his car around town to bring a little history back into the community.

“To be able to drive a car like that… It’s very unique,” said President of Superior Model A Club, Steven Pellinen. “When you drive by with a Model A… You see a young mom and dad that are standing on a corner with a little girl or boy pointing at the car. Then the dad gives thumbs up, that is awesome and that makes the Model A unique.”

For more information about the Superior A club and or Model A’s you can click here.