MARQUETTE — The Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee as well as Northern Michigan University teamed up to clean up the Father Marquette Park this Monday. Some guests who are not from around here also participated in the effort.

Students from Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic will work with the Beautification Committee to help get the park in tip-top shape for its July 15th dedication.

These students participate in a Youth Ambassadors Program, which is a unique partnership that involves students from other countries visiting the U.S. as they learn about American culture.
Many of these students appreciate the opportunity and find it a great way to help make good relations with the U.S. by helping local communities.

“They have already told me they don’t want to leave,” said, NMU adviser, Lila Isleib. “They just love how kind people are here and how accepting. If people don’t know the language they still try communicating with them. I think it’s crucial if we are going to continue to build a global society and be able to reach across to different countries and different cultures and understand each other.”

The purpose of this program is to help establish long-lasting ties between the United States and other countries through these exchange programs.