Kelly Cochran sentenced to 65 years in prison in Indiana

LAKE COUNTY, INDIANA — 35 year-old Kelly Cochran was sentenced to 65 years in prison on Wednesday following the strangulation death of her husband in Indiana.

According to, she admitted to killing her husband, Jason Cochran, last month at their home in Hobart, Indiana and entered a guilty plea to charges of murder and strangulation. This sentence will be served consecutively with her life sentence she is already serving in connection with the 2014 murder of Christopher Regan.

Court documents say Kelly Cochran told investigators she killed her husband because he took “the only good thing” in her life wtih Regan’s death. Michigan prosecutors maintained she lured Regan to her home, where Jason Cochran shot Regan and then helped dismember him and hide his remains in the woods.

Cochran was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the Regan’s murder in Iron County in May of 2017. A jury convicted her of first-degree pre-meditated murder, aiding and abetting and four other felony counts, including conspiracy to commit dead bodies, disinterment and mutilation in February of last year.