Detailed Portage Lake Lift Bridge inspection begins May 14th

HOUGHTON/HANCOCK — The Michigan Department of Transportation will be conducting routine detailed inspections of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge beginning on Monday, May 14th. Intermittent lane closures and frequent opening of the bridge will be required from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.

Closures will affect vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. One lane of vehicle traffic will be open in each direction from May 21st through May 24th. There will be a period when traffic on the M-26 connector ramp will be stopped to allow inspections.

In accordance with a permit from the U.S. Coast Guard, there will be periods of time where the bridge will be inoperable for marine traffic between May 14th and 18th. The bridge will remain in the intermediate position during these periods. Additionally, there will be periods when mariners will be required to give a 30-minute advance notice requesting the bridge to be opened. A notice to mariners will be issued on marine radio during these times.

MDOT estimates that the inspections will be completed June 2nd.

The inspections include the evaluation of structural, mechanical and electrical components of the bridge. These periodic inspections help ensure continued safe operation of the bridge and identify priorities for future maintenance and repair work.