Representatives talk issues at 10th anniversary

MARQUETTE — The Marquette County Township Community Center had an advisory meeting for the DNR on some very hot topics. The Western and Eastern U.P. Citizen’s Advisory Council’s met up this evening to discuss some topics on the natural resources and issues revolving around Chronic Wasting Disease.

“We have representatives both geographically and of their interest areas. So we have representatives from every county across the U.P. (Upper Peninsula). In a variety of interest areas that both focus on natural resources, fisheries, trails, parks and recreation as well as wild life issues,” said, U.P. Regional Coordinator for the DNR, Stacy Haughey.

These representatives discussed these issues and discussed ideas, concerns or even proposals with the public to help guide the way the councils will advise the DNR and help them become more efficient and effective at what they do.

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