Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office report numerous accidents caused by blowing snow, road/trail conditions

CHIPPEWA COUNTY — The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office has reported blowing snow and road and trail conditions that have caused numerous accidents on Thursday.

One accident on M–28 in Raco involved a semi and a pickup truck. The semi was slowing down for other traffic when the pickup ran into the back of the semi.

The driver and the passenger of the pickup sustained non life–threatening injuries. They were transported to War Memorial Hospital for treatment.

At virtually the same time as the previous accident, the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office reported a snowmobile accident on Trail #8 near Brimley Grade Road. Just after crossing the Brimley Grade Road, the driver of a snowmobile was operating the machine faster than the trail conditions would allow.

The driver was thrown from the vehicle and landed in the middle of the trail. Due to the blowing snow and snow dust, a second snowmobiler was unable to see the fallen driver laying in the trail and ran into the them.

The victim, 49 year-old Kristen Dale Brown from Portland, Michigan, died as a result of her injuries. The driver of the second snowmobile was not injured.

The accident is still under investigation.