MARQUETTE — The woman who pleaded guilty to embezzling funds from her former employer was back in Marquette County Circuit Court Thursday for sentencing.

After her sentencing was paused last Friday, 39 year-old Jamie Jean Tasson was sentenced to six months of jail with credit for no time served and 18 months of probation. Half of her jail sentence will be served immediately.

She will also pay restitution costs, which will be determined at a hearing to be set within the next 14 days. The prosecution previously determined that the total restitution amount is over $250,000.

Tasson pleaded guilty to embezzling over $100,000 from her former employer, Superior Eye Health and Vision Therapy Center, in November. All other charges have been dropped as part of the plea agreement.

The sentencing was delayed after the court informed the parties that it would not sentence in accord with the plea agreement. According to the plea, Tasson would not serve jail time up front.

After the hearing on January 12th, Tasson was given time to think if she wanted to affirm or withdraw her plea. She chose to affirm it, allowing her to receive her sentence.