MARQUETTE — The 100th anniversary of Finland’s Independence is today and the Marquette Regional History Center was able to host a celebration to mark the occasion.

This evening the history museum invited the community to come and celebrate in Finnish Independence Day. The event helps to commemorate the Finnish heritage in the U.P. as well as helps educate future generations, even those who do not have Finnish heritage.

“Hopefully it encourages them to be active and promote more activities with Finnish connection. Fins are very proud of their heritage. Finland is the only country who has ever paid back their war debt and right now they are the leaders in education and leaders in computer technology. Fortunately, or unfortunately, like every other country is modernizing and we try to preserve the past,” said Ronald Hill, President of the U.P. LFASFFN Chapter.

Food and drink was provided along with a guest speaker from Pennsylvania as well as a performance by a local musician.