MARQUETTE — It’s National Adoption Month and in the U.P there is a high rate of adoption cases which means a large need for adoption and foster parents. Children are placed in foster care or up for adoption after parental rights are terminated.

Child and Family Services in Marquette say they are working with 15-16 of these adoption cases in the U.P. This means that with some paperwork and training these children could find their forever homes.

“Usually people invite their friends and family to the hearing. It’s a great feeling when they get to add another member to their family. No matter if it’s a baby or a teenager. I think it’s awesome to see a teenager adopted,” said Courtney Pelto, Adoption Worker for Child and Family Services.

If you are thinking of being a foster parent is it does not cost money. For those looking to adopt please do, as many children are looking for a loving home. For more information look to the Child and Family Services website.