Principal puts new spin on parent/teacher conferences

HANCOCK — The Hancock Public School District has a new Bulldog on campus and he does things a little differently than you might expect, including parent/teacher conferences.

This is Principal Ezekiel Ohan’s first school year at Hancock Middle and High School, and he takes a unique approach to his mission of educating children. He encourages his students to keep their options open, and to follow their individual interests because he knows that’s a recipe for success.

Ohan utilized every opportunity at Thursday night’s parent/teacher conferences to make the event more like a celebration of education rather than a standard conference, including a costumed history display by middle school students and a financial aid resource center in the schools computer lab, helping parents and students to manage tuition costs.

“These institutions are providing the necessary bridge that our children can cross and to become viable citizens of our community,” he said.

Principal Ohan emphasizes the importance of college for those who seek it, but he also knows that many students will go straight to the work force. He says that it’s the schools responsibility to prepare those students for a bright future as well.

“We have to go ahead and service students that do not have that cookie cutter interest of going to college and becoming an engineer. We have people that dream of becoming a plumber, an electrician,” said Ohan.

Ohan says that he plans to see every child through his school get the necessary training to fulfill their goals, and by changing monotonous activities like parent/teacher conferences, parents become more involved with their child’s education giving them that extra boost to stay driven.