CALUMET — Calumet hosted its first trunk or treat last night, drawing participants to the downtown area where children and parents took part in the event. Decorated vehicles lined up on Fifth street passing out Halloween candy and mingling with parents and children.

Main Street Calumet is calling it a success. Skeletons, witches, ninja turtles and many more themed costumes gathered in the downtown area of Calumet Tuesday as kids, parents and candy passers came from all around.

“We’ve gone through 240 packs of cookies and about $30 worth of candy already. It’s been a hit. It’s phenomenal, the turn out. We would love to see things like this continue. More family focused activities for everybody in our community,” said volunteer Susan Rine.

The event is designed to provide a safe trick or treating experience for kids as it consolidates the festivities to a congregated area, maximizing the amount of candy they can acquire in the two hour period. It also allows those who live in rural parts to come to town and pass out more candy than they would be able to from home.

Other communities have been hosting similar events in years past, but this is Calumet’s first attempt at the event.

“Tonight obviously you see we’re doing a Trunk or Treat sponsored by Main Street. This is the first year. Leah Polzine asked if the fire department would be interested in handing out candy. I said absolutely so. I think the likelihood for next year is pretty strong. I think ultimately we’d hope to get more cars and maybe eventually have all of fifth street as Trunk or Treat,” said Calumet Firefighter Joe Panijan.

Along with trick or treating, local businesses offered visitors coffee and hot chocolate and photo opportunities with a decorated wall where children inserted their faces on a costumed theme.