NMU student’s film part of ‘Living with Alzheimer’s Film Project’

MARQUETTE — A digital cinema student at Northern Michigan University will have a film shown at the Boston Public Library.

Senior Megan Roesner submitted her three–minute film “Dear Grandpa” to the “Living with Alzheimer’s Film Project” last year. Roesner said she made the film after learning about her grandfather’s diagnosis, but this was not the first experience her family had with the disease.

“Before that, my grandma had it and she ended up passing away from it, but she had it pretty much my entire life. I just slowly saw her start to, basically lose herself and lose who she was,” said Roesner.

She said she had wanted to make the film for awhile, but a school assignment actually gave her the motivation to do it. The film helped Roesner and her family cope with her grandfather’s diagnosis.

“I wanted to make this film to help my family and other people deal with it. It was kind of a way for me to deal with it, too because I felt so much better after I made it,” said Roesner. “It was kind of a release for me to make it.”

Roesner heard nothing about the submission until last week, when she received an email telling her that her film was going to be shown at a Living With Alzheimer’s program.

To view the short film, and to learn more about the “Living with Alzheimer’s Film Project,” click HERE.