UPDATE: Tuesday, October 17th 10:00 A.M.

The follow-up investigation conducted by Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department determined that the movie theater shooting threat was a discussion about a school project that was overheard by a patron.

A local middle school writing project was assigned that day where the students were involved in a “Horror Story.”

The students were discussing the assignment at the theater and another student overheard the discussion and believed it to be a planned shooting at the Friday showing of “Happy Death Day” leading to the student reporting the threat to parents and then to authorities.

It has been concluded that the conversation overheard was in fact about a writing assignment and not an actual planned shooting.

All students involved are excused of any wrong doing and no threat was found.

Information provided is accurate and there is no false report.

QUINNESEC — Over the weekend, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a tip they received about a possible planned theater shooting at the Tri City Cinema 8 in Quinnesec, Michigan.

The shooting was supposed to occur at 6:30 p.m. on October 13th at a showing of Happy Death Day. Upon arrival, deputies locked down the building and investigated the scene.

They didn’t find any weapons, but interviews conducted on the scene provided them with the name of a juvenile male. No arrests were made and the investigation is ongoing.

Once the theater was secured and found to be safe, it reopened for business. Deputies were assisted by the Michigan State Police, Iron Mountain Police Department and an off-duty Kingsford Public Safety Officer and the staff of the Tri City Cinema 8, which the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office said greatly helped in the investigation, leading to a prompt response to the alleged threat.

Once completed, the investigation will be forwarded to the Dickinson County Prosecutor’s Office for review.