MARQUETTE — A picture perfect fall day at the Noquemanon south trails was all that was needed on Saturday. Over seventy riders entered into the Marquette Fall Classic, and spent over twelve hours at the trails. A heavy rain on Friday helped the riders, and created the perfect riding conditions.

“Conditions were pretty ideal today, it rained recently, but not today, and it dried up where grip was great, go as fast as you can try to go.” said Jesse Coenen, who rode in the race.

Unlike a normal bike race, riders were not racing against each other; rather they were racing against the clock. So the competition–or lack thereof–provided for a fun relaxing day.

“It’s kind of like a big day of bike riding, but the only timed part is when you’re coming down, which we like, because that’s the fun part anyway,” said Lucas Wardell, another rider.

“I describe enduro as a good combination of competition and socializing, because there are brief moments of the clock ticking, but the rest of the time you’re able to be somewhat relaxed and hang out and chat with people and have a good time,” said Coenen.

The last race in the Lake Superior Gravity Series played host to people from all over the Midwest, who are willing to travel from other states just to participate.

“I kive in Duluth, and I keep hearing about Marquette and the trails here, and I finally made a point of getting over here, and I’ll have to come back,” said Coenen.

There was even a night stage…a fun and thrilling end to a perfect fall day on the mountain. At the top of the podium stood Abbi Strigel and Brad Jalonen, winners in their respective divisions.