ESCANABA — When it comes to driving, getting caught speeding in Michigan could cost you over $100 for being five-miles over the speed limit. And if you’re caught speeding in a construction zone, it could cost you even more.

Twenty-years ago, state lawmakers doubled the fines for anyone caught speeding in a construction zone. Michigan State Police Trooper Steve Wallenius says the 45-mile per hour speed limit in a construction area is there for a reason: it’s all about safety.

Troopers have a radar gun that allows them to pinpoint a specific vehicle and clock how fast they’re going.

“This is vehicle or target selective. You can pick the targets you want and that makes it real nice because you know exactly which vehicle you’ve got,” said Trooper Wallenius. “Most guys at the post are certified and qualified to use this for traffic enforcement.”

Troopers also have a radar system in their vehicles that allows them to track how fast cars are going in front of them, at them, and behind them. In order to help keep construction workers safe, Andy’s Law was signed into law.

Motorists could face up to 15-years in jail if they injure or kill a construction worker.