MARQUETTE– This week, a beloved local muffin shop has been purchased by the owner of another bakery in town.

Kim and Bob Danielson handed over BabyCakes Muffin Company keys to new owner John Scheidt on Monday. The bakery business is nothing new for John and wife Darsi who have owned Huron Mountain Bakery for 21 years. 

Even though ownership has changed, lovers of both bakeries have nothing to worry. Whatever your favorite go to item is, it’s there to stay.

“BabyCakes has really built up a name and a tradition of serving; high quality organic, gluten free, vegan products,” new owner John Scheidt said. “That is something as far as gluten free products, we are not capable for producing at Huron Mountain Bakery, and we’ve wanted to so this is a really good fit for us. I want to add European pastries and different desserts, so more on the lines if you ever walk down the streets of Paris, and you see a little dessert shop. Really very elegant and high quality desserts.”

The new owner is hoping further down the road to give Baby Cakes a more European flare.

Scheidt said for now, he mainly wants to focus on customer service while maintaining the Baby Cakes quality, but aiming to have a better flow getting customers in and out quicker.