HOUGHTON — State Representative Scott Dianda is running for Michigan’s 38th State Senate seat. The Calumet Democrat made the official announcement Tuesday morning on the steps of the Houghton County Courthouse.

Dianda said, “Across all of Michigan, I’ve been all over traveling for the last couple years here—the last four years—and the response that I’ve had from a lot of people that said that you need to do it.  You need to represent us.  You’re the person, you’re the Yooper to do it.”

Dianda said he intends to focus on issues that matter to the working family.

Dianda said, “The kitchen table issues is everything that I’m talking about, is the power bills that we’re paying and the high cost of insurance.  Just the fact that we don’t have enough money every month to be able to really look at what we need to pay.  We got to get back to the basics, we got to get back to having jobs where people have extra money to be able to live and grow and send their kids off to a skilled trade or a higher education and make sure those jobs are here.”

Dianda is currently in his third term as Representative of the 110th House District. He is term limited in the House and the seat he is running for will be vacated by State Senator Tom Casperson in 2018, who is also term limited.