Jury finds Cochran guilty of first-degree murder

CRYSTAL FALLS– After only a few hours of deliberation, the jury for Kelly Cochran’s murder trial came back with a verdict.

Cochran was found guilty of one count of first-degree premeditated murder, aiding and abetting and four other felony counts, including conspiracy to commit dead bodies, disinterment and mutilation. The verdict came around four hours after the jury went to deliberate.

In a statement to the press, defense attorney Michael Scholke said that he respected the decision of the jury, but it would be premature to comment before the sentencing in May. For the prosecution, it was the ending they were looking for.

“I feel that justice was served today for the family of Chris Regan and that was our goal was to bring justice to the family,” said former Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo. “It was a very, very exhausting family for all of us and it was a team effort.”

Tuesday morning, both the defense and prosecution had made their closing statements. Iron County Prosecutor Melissa Powell repeated her message that Cochran and her deceased husband, Jason Cochran, were bonded in blood from a pact on their wedding night.

Scholke said without much scientific evidence, the only evidence was the word of the defendant, who had admitted to lying throughout the investigation.