Third suspect in Northwoods B&E arraigned

HOUGHTON — The last of three suspects allegedly involved in a break in of Northwoods Sporting Goods in Hancock has been arraigned.

Jake Hugall, 19, was charged with Breaking and Entering with Intent, a 10 year felony, and a five-year Larceny felony. Three handguns and ammunition were stolen from the store on Saturday and recovered later that day in a dorm room on Finlandiaís campus. Hugall is believed to have been the lookout for the burglary, while Alexander Santiago and Juan Carlos Pereyra, both 18, stole the weapons.

All three suspects were students at Finlandia before being banned from campus following the incident. Hugall was released on a $500 personal recognizance bond.

A preliminary exam has been scheduled for January 4th.