IRON RIVER — Bulls, horses, cotton candy, and laughter filled Iron County’s Schedule this weekend.

With tons of events going on in Iron County this weekend, the forty-ninth annual U.P. Championship Rodeo was a huge success.

“We had a really, really awesome parade. It lasted for almost two hours, the Clydesdale brought in, I think the team of eight horses brought in thousands of people to see the Clydesdales. I’m excited to see them next year too, their coming back, for the fiftieth anniversary” said Crowd Spectator, Bob Black.

The fairgrounds had a little something for everyone. Black stated, “I’ve always liked bull riding, I’ve always like the one on one with the animal. Something I’ve never done, I’ve done the mechanical bull before but you won’t see me in the ring with the bull.”

The U.P. Championship Rodeo brings something new every year and is a once in a life time experience. Bob added,” And with the U.P. Championship Rodeo coming to town every year, it brings a good boost to the economy. I know our businesses were really, really busy. From the pizzeria, to the VFW’s to the grocery stores, to the gas stations. The hotels were full, what a good experience.”

Iron County is already excited for next year’s fiftieth anniversary rodeo.